The Double 12


our reinvention of mexican train dominoes. world-class design, new rules, and a new name combine to create endless hours of device-free fun.

we reinvented the game for a few reasons: the rules we learned from a family friend were more fun than the original; the name was culturally insensitive; our domino sets were messy, incomplete and did not look when left out.

this limited edition first set incorporates all the pieces to play our version. to take the game out of the cupboard and into the home as decor, the set is packaged as a playful art piece to make you smile: an homage to childhood domino-toppling.

learn more about why we chose this as our first game.


  • first edition gold and ivory case with a built-in handle and 2 magnetic lid closures
  • double twelve domino set (91 dominoes)
  • 1 octagon
  • 4 trays
  • 8 train markers
  • our version of the rules
  • scorecard & pen
  • optional: eco-friendly gift wrap + QR code gift tag provided by tokki ($28 retail value)


6 in. x 6 in. x 11 in. imported.