The Double 12

we started double twelve to reinvent friends & family time artfully.

we love games. games are an important source of fun and device-free connection. but we realized that the games we've played since childhood didn't check all the right boxes. Messy cardboard boxes stuffed into cupboards. Culturally insensitive terms. Outdated rules.

so we dreamed up double twelve to elevate, evolve & modernize well-loved games as stylish, highly functional home decor.
i spy with my little eyes a game of...
choo choo dominoes!

our guiding principles


witty world-class design & premium materials to balance function & style, and bring joy to the senses


games reimagined to respect multicultural & gender inclusivity, promoting fun for all


new rules to stimulate your brain & competitive spirit (we love smack talk!), while enhancing quality time

games have connected people for thousands of years, and we hope to make our mark on that rich history.

we believe smiles & laughter are the most valuable currency of connection.

we empower device-free time together.

we believe that style, quality & smart design should always co-exist.

we believe there should never be an odd person out.

we bring joy, playfulness & light to everything we do. we believe that every day can be a fun day.