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double twelve choo choo dominoes shelfie

When we started to develop our first game, choo choo dominoes, we had a friend make us a 3-D printed prototype of the case to test its stability, get a sense of the scale, and see the aesthetic (in all-white, the prototype reminded us of Snarkitecture!). 

What was very fun was seeing all the places in our home that you could display the game set and how it held its own with all of our knick knacks and vases.  The game fit right in with our decor, especially on a shelf in a dining room cabinet:

The dining room is where we play games, so it was great to see our very first domino set on display like a piece of art. We loved the prototype so much that we decided to create a limited run version, a founders edition of 300 units, each signed and numbered. 

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