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double twelve choo choo dominoes shelfie

We believe that games can also be works of art. That the best things happen at the intersection of form and function. 

Many of us have cupboards in our home with well-worn cardboard game boxes that look like this:

That's why we decided to take games out of the cupboard and into our homes as decor. Our first game, Choo Choo Dominoes, is also a sculpture that makes you smile - a reminder of how we as kids used to line up dominoes and watch them fall. 

Place the game on a coffee table, console, or bookshelf. Guests will be amazed when they realize that your new piece of art is concealing endless hours of fun.

As such, we are kicking off a Shelfie Challenge. Show us where you display your set @TheDoubleTwelve #ChooChooDominoes #Shelfie on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And check back here, as we'll be sharing our favorite shelfies. 

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