The Double 12

meet our designer bart

bart rujipers loket design

Part of what we want to do with every product is bring world-class design and premium materials to well-loved, fun games.

To develop the game-as-home-decor concept, we partnered with Bart Ruijpers, the founder of Loket Design. A multidisciplinary design studio that focuses on creating elegant solutions for real world complexities. They’ve created a wide range of iconic designs for some of the world’s leading brands and firms, from exciting start-ups to established corporations.

When we approached Bart to work with us he was immediately on board creating a design that’s manufacturable and memorable, and in the process became a domino enthusiast. Here's Bart teaching his friends to play choo choo dominoes:

bart rujipers loket design playing choo choo dominoes with friends


Fun facts: Loket ~ loh·KET (Dutch) loosely translates as “a place you go to get something you need”.  And there's a very good chance Bart has freshly baked sourdough bread on hand at any moment that he's baked himself that morning! This is the first loaf of bread he ever baked for us (delicious!), when we dropped off a set of dominoes at his home so he could start developing designs:

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